Sonic RTX Rotary Arm Semi-Automatic

Up to 14 RPM

quote_buttonThe X-STRETCH pre-stretch film carriage provides superior film economy, film tension and user safety.  The Sonic RT features an all steel robust frame and the rotary tower support system requires very little maintenance.  The advanced and user-friendly DIGI-TECH control unit features unique functions to wrap any pallet type.


  • Uses 20" machine film

  • Electronically adjustable film tension

  • 250% film pre-stretch ratio, others available

  • Maintenance free ball bearing carriage guide

  • Automatic corner compensation

  • Lifetime warranty on stretch rollers

  • Structural steel frame
  • Lag down pole stand
  • Very low maintenance
  • Easy access to components
  • 1/2 HP turntable drive motor
  • Heavy duty rotary tower chain drive
  • Heavy duty ring bearing arm support
  • Photo-eye automatic height detection

  • Separate top and bottom wrap count 1-10

  • Rotary tower soft start/stop

  • Dual adjustable film carriage speed

  • Reinforce wrap function

  • Safety photo-eye in front of rotary tower

  • Automatic rotary tower home position

Technical Specifications

Turntable Speed : Adjustable up to 14 RPM

Control Type : Full-Feature Semi-Automatic

Max. Load : Height 84"

Max. Load : Diameter 76"

Pre-Stretch Ratio : 250% standard

Max. Load Size : 54" x 54"

Electrical : 115/1/60 15amp

Warranty : 3/5 year limited

Popular Options

  • Wrap height extension for taller pallets

  • C-Stand for floors unfit for lag down base

  • Platform scale with digital weight indicator

  • FDA approved Steel-It paint

  • 30” film carriage

  • Safety guarding around wrap zone