Platinum Max Hand Film

A Revolutionary Kind of Stretch Wrap Film

New Platinum Max Hand Wrap offers ultimate performance with greater puncture and tear resistance in ultra thin gauges. Platinum Max delivers the ultimate in hand film down gauging.

This product results in less worker fatigue (higher force less wraps), has quiet cast release and very high clarity.

Sizes Available

Widths: 12″ – 14″ – 16″ – 17.7″
Lengths: 304 Meters – 450 Meters – 600 Meters

Bulk Packs Available Upon Request


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  • Higher Holding Force – Lowest Gauge
  • Highest puncture resistance
  • Thinnest and strongest film in the industry
  • Tremendous Down Gauge = Huge Cost Savings


  • Ultra-high performing Hand Film
  • New resin and extrusion technology
  • Less neck down –Stiff Cast Film
  • Greater coverage

Platinum Max Hand Film Replaces:

Platinum Max Gauge Conventional Gauge
70 Gauge 115 Gauge
55 Gauge 90 Gauge
48 Gauge 80 Gauge
43 Gauge 70 Gauge
37 Gauge 65 Gauge
33 Gauge