Choosing a Stretch Wrap Machine

What makes a great stretch wrap machine?

To ensure you purchase the right model for your needs, Second Packaging offers a range of pallet wrappers and will make suggestions based on your company's requirements.  The best pallet wrapper for your operation is the one that reduces your bottom line costs while increasing productivity and pallet stability.

With over 25 years servicing all makes and models, Second Packaging has learned the strengths and weaknesses of the competitive brands, but when it comes to sales they put their name behind only one brand - Mach 1.  Manufactured right here in Canada, Mach 1 has proven to have the most reliable and robust stretch wrappers and the product line covers the diverse range of industrial needs. See our stretchwrapper brand comparison chart for more details. All Mach 1 stretch wrap machines are backed with a solid warranty and have very competitive pricing.

Choose a system type based on your requirements.

SemiAutomatic Models   Automatic Models

Need help deciding what type of system will fulfill your needs?

Speed, load weight, ease of use and the loading method are all important considerations. The number of pallets you wrap each day is often the best place to start. If this is your first purchase of stretch wrap machinery, the estimated pricing below may serve as a basic guideline to help familiarize yourself with the types of machines available and identify the type of product that will best suite your needs. Or contact Second Packaging for friendly helpful assistance.


1-10 pallets per day: approx budget $4,000 - $6,000

For smaller businesses with minimal needs you would be looking for a machine where you can program the amount of top and bottom wraps, set the turntable speed and where the wrapper would automatically sense the height of the pallet.  You will be looking at pallet wrappers that have a brake type stretch system where the film is stretched via the pallet pulling the film from the roll.


15-30 pallets per day: approx budget $6,000 - $12,000

In this level you should be looking for a pallet wrapper that has a pre-stretch roller system on it which will save you money in the long term.  These systems stretch the film prior to applying it to the pallet.  Using this system you could stretch the film up to 300%, which not only saves you money, but ensures a tighter, more stable load.  You should also be getting a stretch wrapper that has a couple of different programs where you can adjust things like carriage speed, overlap, top sheet and amount of stretch applied.


30-100 pallets per day: approx budget $12,000 - $35,000

Approaching 100 pallets per day is time to consider a stretch wrapper that has a pre-stretch roller system that can easily be adjusted as well as a few different program settings for different pallets types.  Also look for a stretch wrapper that can automatically attach and cut the film from the pallet so all your operator has to do is press a button to start the machine, enabling them to do another task while the pallet is being wrapped.


100+ Pallets per day: approx budget $35,000 +

This is where a fully automatic wrapping machine is your best value. A machine that can take your pallet from the end of the production line and automatically wrap it and send it on to be collected.  There are two types, with the main difference being whether the turntable spins or whether the carriage moves around the pallet either on an arm or in a ring. The best choice is dependent on the number of pallets that you need to wrap per hour.


If you would like more information or recommendations on any of the machine types mentioned, please feel free to contact us.


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Note: This information is based on competitive information available to the public in Jan 2015 but may be incorrect because of recent changes to specifications. Please check with Orion, Fox, Cousins, Lantech and Wolftec for any recent revisions to their specifications.